Anne Frank’s diaries to remain protected in 2016 and beyond

The public discussion about the applicable duration of copyright for Anne Frank's diaries has resulted in widespread confusion and, in particular, several erroneous reports in the press, in blogs and on other platforms.

To clarify the situation, the Anne Frank Fonds would like to put on record that the different versions of the diary of Anne Frank will remain protected for many years after 2015. This means that they cannot be used without the Anne Frank Fonds’ permission.

At the same time, the Anne Frank Fonds would like to reiterate that Anne Frank was the only author of her original diaries. Since its establishment, the Anne Frank Fonds has, on the basis of forensic/scientific evidence, dismissed differing interpretations, accusations of forgery, or third-party co-authorship of Anne Frank’s original manuscripts. For more information follow the link.

For an in-depth explanation of the copyright situation please read our Q&A.

For information about a recent Dutch court case confirming that Anne Frank’s original manuscripts will remain protected, please follow the link

The fact that the diary remains protected does not imply that it cannot be used. The Anne Frank Fonds allows and supports many uses of Anne Frank’s texts, some for a fee and some without charge. Anyone seeking to make public use of the diary may apply for a licence here info@annefrank.ch .

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